My Nutshellz cup and shorts are a perfect fit

Zack Collins

Pro Baseball Player

I look forward to wearing my Nutshellz because I know I can’t get hurt

Michael Hickman

Pro Baseball Player

This cup is legit! It’s the best I’ve owned. There is a huge difference between Nutshellz and all other cups. When I take a shot to the groin I feel the impact around the outside of the cup but nothing in my nuts. Traditional cups are very uncomfortable and have to be constantly adjusted but not Nutshellz. Andrew Sanchez

MMA Fighter, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) #23 Winner.

Nutshellz is the best cup I’ve ever worn as an umpire in pro baseball. I have complete confidence umpiring a game with Nutshellz on. The Nutshellz jock is a must with the cup; the Nutshellz cup and shorts were instantly comfortable when I put them on for the first time.

John Hirschbeck

World Umpires Association

This cup is very comfortable and helps my confidence behind the plate.

Yan Gomes

Professional Baseball Player

The cup fits great and is very comfortable. It is way better than my previous brand of choice for years. Alexandre Capitao

WSOF pro fighter, current featherweight champion

I wear it in the game and it feels great! I love it! Zach Boychuk

Pro NHL player, 14th overall 1st round draft pick 2008 NHL Entry Draft

Nutshellz is the most comfortable cup I’ve ever worn. I’m shocked at how little it moves in play. I can drop to my knees to retrieve the ball, as well as make multiple explosive shots, and not even have to adjust the cup. There is also a huge confidence boost from knowing it’s unbreakable. John Galloway

Former pro Major League Lacrosse player for Rochester Rattlers; Current coach for Providence College Friars

With a Nutshellz cup, I can do crossovers when I’m skating and don’t even notice the cup is there. I go down to block shots and have no fear of having my cup shatter. This is the most comfortable cup I’ve worn. I love the design and the way it fits. Mike Marcou

NHL Defensemen

Every goalie should be wearing a Nutshellz; I’ve had cups crack from blocking shots so I know the importance, I immediately thought when seeing the video these guys believe in this product.
I absolutely love the cup. It is amazing that you created something like this and I will be telling people about this.

Travis Turnbull

Former NHL Player

Nutshellz groin protectors offer total groin protection and security without restricting mobility. I would definitely recommend Nutshellz to family, friends, training partners, military and law enforcement officers. Wearing a Nutshellz bullet-proof cup has really boosted my confidence and performance. Brandon Hunt

Former King Of The Cage Middle Weight Champion

I know if my opponent kicks me in the groin he will probably end up with a broken foot. Nutshellz is very comfortable and it’s great knowing I’m protected so well in such an important spot. Yes, I would recommend Nutshellz to family, friends, and colleagues. Eric Moon

Pro MMA Fighter

My confidence is higher from wearing Nutshellz. The comfort of Nutshellz is very good and I would recommend this to family, friends, and colleagues. Justin Jaynes

Pro MMA Fighter

Nutshellz adds to my confidence in my abilities as a peace officer. I know that I am reasonably protected from direct groin kicks/strikes and likely from cutting or stabbing to the groin. I have already recommended Nutshellz to family, friends, and colleagues. Sean Dutch

Law Enforcement Professional

I’m thankful I was wearing Nutshellz when I took a shot to the groin in play.

Jacob Steadman

Pro Baseball Player

This is the most comfortable cup I’ve worn. It doesn’t move at all. I have peace of mind getting behind the plate because of Nutshellz. It’s been a hot topic around the clubhouse. I recommended it to my teammates and they love it.

Caleb Joseph

Professional Baseball Player

Nutshellz is the most comfortable cup I’ve ever worn. This thing is a tank! I know it’s unbreakable and this is coming from a guy who had a cup shatter. I know how important it is to put a premium on this type of equipment and players are making a huge mistake if they don’t put a premium on this type of equipment Connor Knapp

NHL Goalie

The cup and the glove are the most important pieces of equipment for a catcher & this bad boy saved me from a foul tip!I have no fear at all now of getting hit behind the plate.

Steven Leonard

Professional Baseball Player

There’s not another cup like Nutshellz Daron Cruikshank

Pro UFC Fighter

Great fit, I like the extra holes on the side for ventilation but also to attach home made straps.

While wearing this cup, you can go forward without worrying about your nuts.

Amir Khillah

Head Instructor, Lightning Kicks

Nutshellz is more comfortable than all other cups I’ve worn. The fit is perfect! My confidence has increased from wearing Nutshellz. I will go balls first into anything. Jason Fischer

Pro MMA Fighter

When the bullets are ram shackling off the magnolium, only Nutshellz will do! I feel a lot better when I’m standing in front of the bad guy’s door knowing the janglies are protected. Don Junk

Law Enforcement Professional

When it comes to having protective gear I believe in having the best of the best and Nutshellz is just that. I am more confident when wearing Nutshellz in my profession than just any standard cup. John Cavanaugh

Campus Police Officer SIUE

UFC fighter Lance Benoist with Nutshellz owner, Jeremiah Raber
Steve Cash – Gold Medal Winning Paralympic Goalie