Watching someone getting hit in the balls is always a shock in the instance, but as an audience, we often end up laughing at the receiver. We rarely think about the damage that any kind of hit to the boys can do. In baseball, football, lacrosse and cricket, balls can fly to upwards of 100 miles per hour. Hockey pucks can even break that speed. In all cases, a foot or knee aimed squarely at the balls can cause a tremendous amount of damage but Nutshellz can help you stay out of hospital. The following list shows that it’s not just amateurs that can be hit where it hurts. Even the pros with all their health and safety implementations can be victims.

Recent scrotal events have included baseball umpire Mike Muchlinski, who received an unwelcome impact on May 4th at a game between Oakland Athletics and Minnesota Twins. Athletics’ catcher Stephen Vogt couldn’t get his glove on Twins’ Casilla’s pitch and it ended up as a strike to Muchlinkski’s groin.

This was not an anomaly in the world of sport. Nut shots are very common but rarely talked about. To show how common this is, below is a list of unfortunate accidents and events that we’ve not covered before.

Sometimes it’s not a ball or an accident that you need to be careful of. Back in 2006, on national television, Oakland’s Tyler Brayton made an emotional choice to knee the Seahawk’s tight end, Jerramy Stevens, in the unmentionables. Luckily, Stevens was protected enough to stay upright for the rest of the game, but this could have been a serious injury if his cup was poorly fitted or damaged from previous injury.

Jose Iglesias of the Detroit Tigers learned why good cups are so important, not just once, but twice. Back in 2013 in a game against Kansas City Royals, Iglesias ended up receiving a 95mph fast ball from Kansas’ pitcher Danny Duffy. The ball hits directly into the groin and then into Iglesias’ thigh. He tries to bravely reach first base but ends up collapsing first.

We hope he learned his lesson and bought a good cup by 2015 when he was struck again. This time with a 91mph fast ball from another City Royals pitcher back then, Johnny Cueto.