What Makes Nutshellz the Best Athletic Cup on the Market?

When you take part in competitive sports, there are many wonderful moments that are worth remembering. However, nobody wants to look back and recall the time they had a groin injury because of a plastic cup malfunction. Just thinking about it can make any man cringe. Fortunately, you will never have these awful memories if you use Nutshellz, the best athletic cup on the market.

Resistant Enough to Stop a Bullet

Players of High Impact sports know that injuries are a common occurrence but no one is truly prepared for the mind-numbing pain that comes with a groin injury. The area is known for being extremely delicate and it requires protection that a plastic cup will not provide. Some types of plastic are incredibly strong but even those have trouble stopping a fastball. The incredible speed at which a baseball or a puck travels has been known to break plastic cups without any issues.

These incidents have caused horrible injuries that required surgery and a good amount of time to recover. Nutshellz is the best athletic cup on the market because it is hand-made using ballistic grade Kevlar 29 and carbon fiber. The combination of these materials is what makes Nutshellz the strongest cup out there.

Experience a New Level of Comfort

Other groin injuries, however, have happened not because of a faulty cup but because the player was not wearing one at all. This may surprise some people but many players refuse to wear a protective cup because they find them too uncomfortable and feel that their mobility is restricted. Nutshellz has earned the title of being the best athletic cup on the market thanks to its unique design. The anatomically correct shape of the cup allows it to slide further between the legs without causing irritation and it always stays in place. Nutshellz provides superior fit and stability to stop the cup from moving and leaving you vulnerable.

Nutshellz has also been designed to elongate rather than collapse in case of impact, protecting an even bigger surface. In the end, you will get the best protection, ultimate comfort and increased mobility in one product.

Play with Confidence

Athletes know that to perform well on the field they must be in perfect shape physically and mentally. Knowing that your cup can break at any moment or having to constantly adjust it can be a distraction that can cost you a victory. If you want to give it all for your team, choose Nutshellz and enjoy the game.