We are sure that Nutshellz is the strongest cup in the market but we know that some men still think a plastic cup will work just as well. Unfortunately, there have been cases of men who thought this and were proven wrong in the worst possible way. Here are just a few examples we have compiled.

Yan Gomes

Yan Gomes is the Cleveland Indians catcher but in June 2016, the news was not talking about his performance on the field. Gomes was the victim of malfunctioning plastic cup. He was hit in his nether regions and his cup did not soften the blow. This led to a testicular contusion. It was about as fun for him as it sounds. It basically means that the blood vessels in the testicles were injured, and caused him to miss 2 games and suffer a lot of pain. He now wears Nutshellz.

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Caleb Joseph

Caleb Joseph, catcher for the Baltimore Orioles, had one of the worst experiences involving a plastic cup. His cup failed to give him the protection he expected and Joseph was left with a serious injury. The damage was so severe that he had to undergo surgery to his right testicle. That was the first time he had ever been in an OR. Joseph made a full recovery but decided to upgrade his protection to Nutshellz.

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John Buck

Marlins’ catcher John Buck has been unluckier than most players. His plastic NuttyBuddy cup broke with such force that it melted the jockstrap. That just shows that a baseball can travel at very fast speeds. He described the pain as strong enough to make him nauseous, but that is not all. This was Buck’s second incident with the same type of cup in one season. It’s not a track record that we at Nutshellz would be happy about.

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We believe that the protection that Nutshellz offers is priceless. There are plenty of budget options in the market but none of them compare to Nutshellz in terms of quality and durability. We simply believe that no man should risk a serious injury that could take him to the OR or even make him infertile. Saving a few dollars by buying a plastic cup is not worth it. We are serious about the quality of Nutshellz, do you think there is any other brand of cup willing to put its CEO’s family jewels on the line? (See video below for more information)

We want you to be happy with your decision to buy a Nutshellz cup. If you have any questions, please contact us through the Contact Page.