A football game can make players feel a full range of emotions in a relatively short period of time. Excitement, determination and adrenaline fill up the bodies of football players during a game but there is something that they don’t want to feel when they’re trying to focus: pain. Injuries are a common occurrence and players are prepared to face them. Their equipment is designed to protect them but many choose to step into the field without an elite protective cup.

Plastic cups won’t do the job properly and will easily break. Players are tough and can handle bruises and scrapes during a game. However, a moment of confusion is enough for them to get a good kick to the balls and drop to their knees. It doesn’t even have to be rough play, such was the case of the Toronto Argonauts quarterback who spiked a ball and hit himself in the nuts. Nutshellz is designed to fit the body perfectly and protect you from all types of blows, even those you might have inflicted yourself. Choose the right protection, choose Nutshellz.

Kerwin Bell’s Infamous Ball Spike

The now-infamous video shows Kerwin Bell spiking the ball, being punched in the face, falling over and then toppling a player to fall on him, all within a matter of seconds. After this, to rub salt in the wound, Bell got a flag for his celebratory spike. Bell, now Head Coach at Valdosta State University, probably wished he had a Nutshellz cup on.

Matt Schaub Takes a Hit to the Nuts

During the NFL Thanksgiving Game in 2012, Matt Schaub was on the wrong end of a falling Ndamukong Suh. Suh’s feet went flying as he trips over another player, landing square-on Schaub’s Crown jewels.

Micanor Regis’ Dirty Shot on UNC’s Dwight Jones.

While Jones is running, he gets into a pileup. Nothing unusual there, but this time, Regis comes along and takes out some pent-up aggression on Jones’ balls. Jones would have been much better if he was wearing Nutshellz, the world’s most comfortable cup.