Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the level 1 and level 2 Nutshellz?

The level one cup is hand made in the USA from Ballistic Kevlar and Carbon fiber and for those who dont know - Kevlar is 6 x stronger than steel for its weight. We laminate our cups using aerospace grade epoxies and our final assembly is done with some of the most durable structural adhesives available. The level 2 cup is made from Ballistic Kevlar and Carbon fiber but it has a core made from Dyneema which is the brand name of a material called Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelene. Dyneema is fifty percent lighter than Kevlar and around fifty percent stronger. This material is better at stoping actual ammunition and the level 2 can stop up to 9mm and conform to the NIJ spec for backface deformity.

Can I use a standard jock strap with the Nutshellz cup?

You can use a standard jock but it is not recomended. The nutshellz cup has a unique taper that allows it to slide between the legs further than our competitiors cups. The standard Jock is set up to hold those "wider" base cups. Nutshellz figured out that the main reason no one wants to wear a cup is that they pinch. We got rid of the pinch!! Wearing our Jock short with our cup helps makes sure this is the case.

Can the level 3 Over Armor be shipped out of the USA

Our level 3 Over Armor is subject to ITAR regulations and is not able to be shipped out of the US.

What should I purchase if I play an impact sport like baseball, hockey, lacrosse, cricket, etc

We recomend you go with the level 1 nutshellz cup paired with our Jock short. You can choose from many different colors or just go with the original black carbon. All are made with the Ballistic Kevlar core and will stop anything the sports world can throw at it. Look into the combo packs to save some money.

What should I use if I am a SWAT door breacher

Depends - whats your budget. For sure we would recomend the Nutshellz level 2 groin cup and jock short. These cups are ballistic lab tested to be able to stop up to a level 2 threats like the 9mm. If you are looking for something that can stop rifle ammuntion then we would recomend you purchase the Level 3 Over Armor system. This consists of the level 2 cup previously mentioned and the level 3 Over Armor Rifle plate and a few other goodies to help mount it comfortably.

Can you ship overseas

We will ship "wherever" as long as your purchase doesnt include the Level 3 system and as long as you do not live in an embargoed country. We do not know what your laws say about level 2 groin protection and we are too small to try and figure out each countries laws - so its up to you to figure that end out. Our level 1 and 2 cups have been declared an "ear99" and therfore we can ship to any non embargoed country.

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