Got a lot of nuts to guard?  We can help!

At Nutshellz, we take our mission to better protect athletes, law enforcement, and military professionals very seriously. In order to fulfill our mission and get the world’s best groin protection in the shorts of more athletes, soldiers, and officers, we work with teams and departments to offer special pricing consideration for any group purchases.

The World’s Most Comfortable, Safest Groin Protector.

Whether it’s for your sports team, police department, or military unit, Nutshellz wants to ensure we do everything we can to protect more men from career ending injuries by offering the strongest and most comfortable groin cup in the world. Group discounting helps us do that as well as make the cost more attractive for you.

So if you are the purchasing agent for your group, fill out the form below and let us know how many pairs you need to protect and we will help you out!  We are able to offer special pricing and combine to ship to one location all in an effort to help keep you safe and save you money.

Group Order Request