In Hockey, a touch of rough play is what makes the games more interesting. A punch or leg swipe here and there adds more excitement to the occasion. Because of this, players wear a lot of protection, including a basic cup, but is this all they need to wear? All sorts of injuries can be caused by fists, pucks and hockey sticks. Having the best sports cup on the market, Nutshellz, allows a player to be more confident that his cup won’t split and cause more damage.

Below are some examples of men experiencing excruciating pain from hits, slapshots and spearing to the groin. These men wore plastic cups, not Nutshellz. If you are considering the best cup for hockey, you can read why $20 plastic cups, such as NuttyBuddy, are not the best choice here:

Matt Hendricks Unintentionally Blocks a Shot with His Balls

Back in 2016, Hendricks played for the Edmonton Oilers before heading to the Winnipeg Jets in 2017. During Hendricks’ time with the Oilers, he suffered a slapshot directly to the balls. He was lucky to be wearing a cup, but the cup split. Regular readers of our blog will know that a plastic cup may reduce damage when hit by a cup, but the pinch of hard plastic in the nuts can do as much, if not more damage than the original shot. In the end, he was lucky; If he’d been wearing the best sports cup, Nutshellz, he’d have been safer.

Jake Dotchin is Speared Directly in the Crotch

It’s not just the odd slap shot to the balls that hockey players have to look out for. In April 2017, Tampa Bay Lightning player, Jake Dotchin was speared by Boston Bruins’ player Brad Machand. Other players are looking to inflict a little bit of pain and what easier spot is there than the meat and two veg? A Nutshellz cup may have reduced his suffering.

Brad Machard Should Know Better.

Before giving a tap to Dotchin’s crotch in 2017, Machard was on the receiving end of a cheap shot directly to his crown jewels. Vancouver Canuck’s Brandon Prust speared Machard deliberately and for his efforts he was fined $5,000.