Save money by buying the most comfortable sports cup on the market and the official Nutshellz Hockey jock shorts with Velcro together!

The Level 1 Youth Model is the most Elite Protective cup for the serious athlete.

Nutshellz® youth cups are made to the same exacting standards we use on our adult models. These are the most comfortable cups for athletes due to the ergonomically correct design. Whether your are looking for a Baseball cup, a Hockey cup or a Lacrosse cup Nutshellz has you covered. Engineered with an elongated shape for proper placement and stability, Nutshellz® Youth Level 1 will fit and stay in position better than any other athletic cup while improving mobility through movements like crossovers, roundhouse kicks, sliding, and more.

Nutshellz® Youth Level 1 athletic cups are made with the most sophisticated material science and manufacturing process used in groin protection. Created with some of the world’s strongest materials like Aramid/Kevlar®, carbon fiber, aero-space epoxies, and more; our cups are indestructible. While less advanced plastic products are known to break and cause serious injuries when met with severe impact force from fast balls, slap shots, etc. Nutshellz® will stop anything the sports world can fire at it.


“DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.”

Nutshellz® Youth Armor & Hockey Jock Short Combo/Level 1

  • Nutshellz® groin protectors and Nutshellz® jocks are considered intimate products and therefore require us to operate under a “no returns policy”.

    Due to the intimate nature of Nutshellz® tactical and athletic supporters and cups, and compression shorts, we unfortunately CANNOT offer returns or exchanges on these items.

  • Nutshellz® Level I groin protector combines ultimate comfort with ultimate strength. Made with the world’s strongest bullet resistant materials, and engineered with a unique ergonomic design, the Level I is the most elite cup for the serious athlete.

    The cups are hand-made to high standards and specifications in the United States. All Level I cups are made with ballistic grade Kevlar® and carbon fiber, creating one of the strongest protections on the market. To make them easy to wear over prolonged periods, they are made with a urethane comfort surround which helps protect against discomfort on the field and even when sitting down

    Nutshellz® is the most comfortable cup in the world because of its anatomically correct shape and our shorts are precisely cut and sewn to adhere to the cup’s shape and proper contour.
    In addition to the high grade breathable fabric used to make the shorts, we have also integrated an internal jockstrap to keep the cup stabilized and in its proper position at all times without any movement during performance.
    No other short or jock optimizes the fit and comfort the way ours does.