Save money by buying the most comfortable Hockey cup on the market and a  2 pack of Nutshellz Hockey Jock shorts with velcro together!

Level I is the most elite protective cup for the serious hockey Player.

Ensure that you get the best support available with the official Nutshellz jock that fits both Level 1 and Level 2 cups.

Nutshellz® Armor & Hockey Jock Short Combo 2 Pack/Adult /Level 1

  • Nutshellz® Level I groin protector combines ultimate comfort with ultimate strength. Made with the world’s strongest bullet resistant materials, and engineered with a unique ergonomic design, the Level I is the most elite cup for the serious athlete.

    The cups are hand-made to high standards and specifications in the United States. All Level I cups are made with ballistic grade Kevlar® and carbon fiber, creating one of the strongest protections on the market. To make them easy to wear over prolonged periods, they are made with a urethane comfort surround which helps protect against discomfort on the field and even when sitting down

    Nutshellz® is the most comfortable cup in the world because of its anatomically correct shape and our shorts are precisely cut and sewn to adhere to the cup’s shape and proper contour.
    In addition to the high grade breathable fabric used to make the shorts, we have also integrated an internal jockstrap to keep the cup stabilized and in its proper position at all times without any movement during performance.
    No other short or jock optimizes the fit and comfort the way ours does.