Nutshellz® is the most comfortable cup in the world because of its anatomically correct shape and our Youth Hockey Jock shorts with Velcro are precisely cut and sewn to adhere to the cup’s shape and contour.

In addition to the high grade breathable fabric used to make the shorts, we have also integrated an internal jockstrap to keep the cup stabilized and in its proper position at all times without any movement during performance.
No other short or jock optimizes the fit and comfort the way ours does.

Nutshellz® Youth Hockey Jock Short with Velcro

  • Nutshellz® groin protectors and Nutshellz® jocks are considered intimate products and therefore require us to operate under a “no returns policy”.

    Due to the intimate nature of Nutshellz® tactical and athletic supporters and cups, and compression shorts, we unfortunately CANNOT offer returns or exchanges on these items.

    Please be sure to examine the waist size chart on our shorts when ordering to be sure you choose the proper size upon purchase.

    Please note that Nutshellz® compression shorts are designed to fit snug, not loosely, in order to maximize the positioning and stability of the groin protector the way it’s intended.