Level I Armor


Level I is the most elite cup for the serious athlete.

Please note that due to the intimate nature of these products, we are unable to accept returns or exchange them. Please ensure that the sizing is correct for our jock shorts before ordering. Thank you for your understanding.

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Nutshellz® Level I groin protector combines ultimate comfort with ultimate strength. Made with the world’s strongest bullet resistant materials, and engineered with a unique ergonomic design, the Level I is the most elite cup for the serious athlete.

The cups are hand-made to high standards and specifications in the United States. All Level I cups are made with ballistic grade Kevlar® 29 and carbon fiber, creating one of the strongest protections on the market. To make them easy to wear over prolonged periods, they are made with a urethane comfort surround which helps protect against discomfort on the field and even when sitting down.

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