Nutshellz are the Best Cup in the world and are hand made here in the USA

Level I Armor for High Impact Sports

Level II Armor for High Risk Professions

Level I Armor: Special Edition – Green & Black

Level I Cup & Jock Combo

Level II Cup & Jock Combo

Nutshellz Jock Shorts

These shorts have been designed specifically for Nutshellz cups. The jocks are available in a range of sizes; you won’t find a better fit.

Official Nutshellz Jock Shorts

Nutshellz Jock Shorts (3 Pack)

Nutshellz’ ability to protect your vital organs from bullets is not just for those who risk their lives for our safety, but also for the other heroes in our life. Just because most sportsmen do not find themselves in the line of fire very often, it does not mean that they do not need the strongest protection. Most athletes, police and military personnel settle for every day plastic cups. These can not only offer little protection against objects with speed, but can also shatter or break, causing more damage to the family jewels.

Level I protection is perfect for athletes because it wont shatter and can take everything that is thrown at it. Level II is made to be even stronger for those that put themselves in danger more frequently. Both use Kevlar®, the material known for it’s bullet-stopping abilities, while the Level II Nutshellz also uses Dyneema®, a product even stronger than Kevlar®