Nutshellz is the best athletic cup for Baseball

Because Sometimes a Fastball Ends in a Foul Ball

Nutshellz® Is the Only Option for a Serious Player

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Nutshellz: The Most Comfortable Cup

Baseball has had a privileged spot in the hearts of many around the country. This sport was once deemed the national pastime and it hasn’t failed in attracting new enthusiasts every year. Amateur and professional players need to perfect a number of skills to do their teams proud. Strength, coordination and speed are all desirable qualities in various degrees depending on the player’s position. There is, however, another characteristic that is even more important: confidence.

All the training in the world is useless if the baseball player walks into the field doubting himself. Baseball is not an aggressive sport but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its own risks. A home run can cause admiration and excitement amongst the spectators and players alike, but sometimes the ball hits places that were only meant to be treated with kindness.

Nutshellz is the Best, Most Comfortable Athletic Cup Available for Baseball Players

A professional baseball player can make the ball travel at speeds of up to 100 mph; even in amateur games the ball can cause serious injuries. Baseball players need to focus and their protective gear is made to make them feel at ease, but that doesn’t mean that they always do the job. Other than helmets, an essential piece of equipment is a baseball cup. There have been recorded incidents of players who decided against wearing a cup and suffered serious consequences as a result. Tears and contused testicles are something you definitely want to avoid.

Your privates have probably given you endless enjoyment throughout your life, but the same sensitivity and nerves that can make you forget everything that is wrong with the world are also responsible for causing unbelievable pain. The area lacks the protection of bones, large muscle mass and fat, so being hit by a ball travelling at an enormous speed can cause misery that will even make a woman squirm.

Groin protectors have been around for a long time, but there is only one that guarantees complete protection. Nutshellz® is made from Kevlar® and other incredible strong materials that even make it bulletproof. It is amazing how something that sturdy is also the most comfortable cup you can wear. Its design allows it to sit comfortably in its place without restricting the player’s movements. Nutshellz® is definitely the best cup and the most comfortable cup out there, and it is responsible for protecting the family name of baseball players that only want to associate “The Nutcracker” with Christmas.

Nutshellz® Is the Only Option for a Serious Player

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Why Nutshellz?

Playing sports can be tough at the best of times, but a stray ball, bat or elbow can take down even the strongest player and force them to sit on the sidelines.
With the tremendous speed and forces in sports, a broken plastic cup or being hit without protection, life-long injuries are possible

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