Hockey is an exhilarating sport. The harsh conditions in which it is played demand dedication and resilience. However, no amount of adrenaline can make players immune to injuries. Hockey protective equipment is just as important as motivation. Players are exposed to multiple risks in any collision sport and hockey is not the exception.

Hockey players go through vigorous training to keep up with the fast pace of the game. Strength, power and teamwork are equally necessary. They might seem like it at times, but players are not superhuman and they need the best hockey protective equipment to score those goals. Equipment must be of high quality and not worn out or damaged. It is crucial that it fits well so that players can still move freely.

Hockey players need helmets, shoulder pads, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves to protect the most exposed areas of the body. Contact with other players, the ice or the boards are often responsible for scratches, cuts and even fractures. Although there is no way to eliminate the risk of injury, it is possible to significantly reduce the probabilities of it happening.

The hip and groin area are prone to collisions with other players as well as hockey sticks and pucks. The fastest puck shot on record reached a speed of 114 miles per hour. In professional games, pucks are not far off that mark. That speed can cause severe damage to soft areas of the body, such as the testicles.

No player would risk stepping onto the ice rink without a helmet on, yet some are still willing to take their chances and do not wear a cup. This might sound outrageous but it is understandable if we consider the types of cups hockey players have encountered in the past. Basic plastic cups can be extremely uncomfortable and rarely stay in place.

It is now possible to receive a high level of protection and comfort. Nutshellz is the best hockey athletic cup on the market. It combines a revolutionary design with the strongest materials available. Nutshellz will stay in place without restricting your movement. This groin protector will not shatter. There are good reasons why so many professionals have called it the best hockey athletic cup they have ever worn.