How many companies have the audacity to claim that they are the best at something? Can they back it up? We don’t mean using fancy presentations, graphs, brochures and phrases like “put your money where your mouth is.” No, we mean to actually show that they trust their product. At Nutshellz, we took this to a whole new level. How many companies do you know whose CEO would be willing to risk their very manhood (assuming they are a dude) to back up a claim? Or their life even? Well, ours did!

Nutshellz are the toughest sports cup on the market

Our founder and innovator, Jeremiah Raber, stood behind our product in a way few, if any, other company executives have ever done. Raber actually let his business partner, Matt Heck, shoot him in the balls! Talk about a next level trust fall!

Raber knew of the strength of the world’s best groin protection gear, the Nutshellz Level 2 Armor, and proved his faith in our product. Heck shot him in the balls and much to Mrs. Raber’s relief, the Nutshellz Level 2 Armor allowed him to walk away with all his buddies intact, if not a little shaken.

That’s right, the bullet meant for our CEO’s guys was completely stopped by the most powerful, bullet stopping, ball saving and brilliantly engineered groin safety product on the market today. If you like, contact us and we will explain some of the science behind it! Or, check out the video and let us know what you think.

At Nutshellz, we put our money, no, our nuts where our mouth… wait. You get the idea, just check out the video. Oh and guys you might want to sit down first.

Protect yourself with the best!

The Nutshellz Team