Nutshellz, makers of the world’s most comfortable groin protector, is excited to officially announce that we will be appearing this summer on the CNBC television show West Texas Investors Club which premieres on June 7th, 2016. Our executive team, Jeremiah Raber and Matt Heck, made the trip out early this year to record for the network’s hit show.

Since learning that we were finalists to go on the show last fall, it has been an increasingly exhilarating rollercoaster ride for our company. We have been working hard to stay on top of the day to day operations that go into growing our company and providing our customers with the most comfortable cup, as well as tap into our hidden TV personalities.

Recording for a television show and running an emerging business have similarities and differences. On one hand, being in front of a camera and facing the pressure of knowing that whatever you say or do will be on national television is a new kind of challenge but one we readily embraced. On the other hand, being ourselves and presenting our product in a way that demonstrates the superior quality and performance of the most comfortable groin protector in the market is an everyday occurrence. However, the rigorous tests the show’s investors are known for putting entrepreneurs through definitely threw us some curve balls.

Overall, our experience with television thus far has been totally positive and worth every minute of time invested. We are most excited about what this media exposure will mean for our existing and future customers. The growth we expect to see from this once in a lifetime opportunity will improve Nutshellz’ position to continue innovating and bringing cutting edge products to our customers in sports, military, and law enforcement markets.

So, stay tuned in to CNBC this season on Tuesday evenings and be ready to go “nuts” when your favorite groin protection company leaves its mark. Be sure to follow us on social media for the latest news and confirmation of the episode air date.

Be safe out there!
The Nutshellz Executive Team