Youth Level 1 Groin Protection

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The Nutshellz Level 1 groin protector is the perfect cup for the high-level athlete. Nutshellz is the groin cup available because it's made from the strongest materials on earth. Our Level 1 cups are handmade in the USA from ballistic grade Kevlar, carbon fiber, aerospace grade epoxies and laminating resins, and an indestructible urethane surround. The level 1 protector can even stop a .45 acp. Bullet. Nutshellz is the only cup capable at stopping a bullet. Wearing a Nutshellz cup is a definite performance enhancement that allows the wearer to only worry about the play at hand. No more stressing about getting hit in the groin; the Nutshellz Level 1 can stop a Hockey slap shot from Shea Weber who by the way wears Nutshellz, a 100-mph baseball, and a high-speed lacrosse ball, better than any other cup on the market. Don't just take our word for it, Mayo Clinic Urologist Candice Granberg, MD tweeted “Clearly everyone with testicles should just wear a Nutshellz Kevlar cup everywhere in everyday life."