High Impact Sports

Groin injuries in sports can destroy lives. Don’t risk life-long pain or infertility. Nutshellz can protect you.

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High Risk Professions

A hit to the groin is one of the easiest ways to bring a man down. Be more confident with a Nutshellz cup.

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Purchasing for a whole team or organization?

Save money if you need to protect a department or team with bulk purchasing. Want to sell Nutshellz? Contact us for details.

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Level II Armor

Safety Gear for Baseball Players and Baseball Catchers

A professional baseball player can make the ball travel at speeds of up to 100 mph; even in amateur games the ball can cause serious injuries.

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Safety Gear for Hockey Players

The pucks travel at impressive speeds, but that’s not the only way players can get hurt. Goalies in particular know that skates and sticks can also do a lot of damage.

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Safety Gear for MMA Fighters

Unfortunately, sometimes rules are broken and so are the cups that should protect fighters. A kick to the groin will not only result in a fighter squirming in pain, it can also lead to some serious injuries.

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Safety Gear for Football Players

Plastic cups will do just fine if you are playing football with your 3 year-old children, but they will certainly not be able to provide the appropriate protection against anyone old enough to throw the ball properly.

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Safety Gear for Lacrosse Players

The helmet, gloves and pads are noticed by anyone but there is one special part of the protection gear that should not be overlooked even though it remains hidden: the cup.

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Safety Gear for Cricket Players

Imagine an object travelling at an average of 70 mph hitting you on the arm. Now imagine it hitting a far more sensible area that lacks the protection of muscle mass and bones.

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Safety Gear for Law Enforcement Officers

The job is rarely routine and on those occasions where hell breaks loose, being prepared is key. Bullet proof vests may protect the organs that will keep you alive, but what about protecting the most vital of organs?

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Safety Gear for Military & Security Officials

All of the armor in the world is useless if a particular area of a man’s anatomy is injured. A blow to the groin can bring a man to the ground in no time and put him in ever greater danger.

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With a Nutshellz cup, I can do crossovers when I’m skating and don’t even notice the cup is there. I go down to block shots and have no fear of having my cup shatter. This is the most comfortable cup I’ve worn. I love the design and the way it fits.

Mike Marcou

NHL Defensemen

Great fit, I like the extra holes on the side for ventilation but also to attach home made straps.

While wearing this cup, you can go forward without worrying about your nuts.

Amir Khillah

Head Instructor, Lightning Kicks

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