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Best Cup & Athletic Supporter

    Nutshellz creates "legal" performance enhancing products that will help all athletes and professionals that wear them perform at their highest level.  No more worrying about a debilitating groin injury and no more worrying about wearing an uncomfortable cup. Nutshellz groin cups are made from the strongest materials on earth like Kevlar and Dyneema and they also have a patented taper that allows a more natural unimpeded anatomical movement (No Pinching).

      Our jock short has an internal jock strap sewn in a manner that holds our cup exactly where we designed it to be held, and it's guaranteed to stay put.  Don't gamble with you, or your son's testosterone production and reproductive health - CHOOSE NUTSHELLZ!


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Nutshellz armor is hand made in the USA in our small batch manufacturing workshop. Our cups and armor are strong enough for police and law enforcement but designed with the comfort and ergonomics an athlete demands.

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